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Liquid Rage No Fish Can Resist
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If you’re a serious fisherman like we are you have probably invested 1000’s of dollars into the best fishing lures, but what if you could make your best bass lures come to life? 

At Mayhem Bait Co. we believe we have the next best thing! 

Liquid Mayhem fish attractantsMayhem Bait Co. Inc. is a family owned business and we are passionate about results. To us results mean delivering a product that puts more fish in your boat. To achieve that goal we offer real scents made from real fish bait, not products chemically formulated in a lab. 

Liquid Mayhem is an all natural bait scent designed to interact with your fishing lure to form a dynamic system greater than the individual parts. 

With over 40 years of combined business experience, we know that the success of our business is entirely dependent on the experience that we provide for our customers. With that in mind Mayhem Bait Co. is committed to delivering a product that exceeds your expectations and earns your trust. Our product development philosophy revolves around facts and results, not hype. That’s why Liquid Mayhem is considered among the best baits for Bass, walleye and other tournament fish. We are so confident in our products that all of our bait scents come with a complete money back guarantee that even covers your return postage. If you’re thinking about trying Liquid Mayhem we want you to know that if you give us a chance you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. At Mayhem Bait Co. we firmly believe that if you’ve never tried a quality bait scent, you’re missing the boat!

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And while your here be sure to check out our blog.  Whether you're looking for bass fishing tips or want to know how to catch walleye and other tournament fish, our blog is loaded with information on large and smallmouth bass fishing tips, cool new fishing lures and other gear as well as reviews on some of the best baits for bass, walleye, pike Musky and other tournament sport fish.

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